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Dragonfly coloring page for kids Раскраски dragonflies

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Coloring pages dragonflies

You can choose the coloring of the dragonfly to your taste: funny, graceful, complex or simple. All dragonfly coloring pages are suitable for children from 3 years old.

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Printable dragonfly coloring pages for kids

A dragonfly differs from other insects not only in appearance, but also in flight speed "; it can reach 100 km / h.

You can never say that dragonflies are very voracious: they can eat food in a day that several times exceeds the body weight of the dragonfly itself.

On coloring pages for children, all dragonflies with big eyes and for good reason, the dragonfly's eye consists of almost 30 thousand eyes, providing the dragonfly with an almost complete circular overview.

Today more than 5000 species of dragonflies are known, 170 species live in Russia.

Dragonflies "; real predators, they feed on flies, mosquitoes, various midges. They catch their prey on the fly.

Dragonflies hunt exclusively during daylight hours: after sunrise and before sunset.

Coloring pages with dragonflies were created especially for children: most dragonflies are in cartoon form. But for older children who like to study nature in a natural way, there are pictures of real dragonflies.

Coloring pages help to explore and learn about the world. Print the coloring on the whole A4 sheet.