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Coloring pages ants

Children's painters on coloring pages try to fully convey the structure and characteristics of ants. This stunning insect has earned a place of honor in the category. Pictures in full A4 sheet.

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Coloring ants are suitable for children 3, 4, 5 years old, but schoolchildren will also like to color them, because they are very interesting creatures from the family of insects.

Ants"; the most social living creatures on the entire planet. They live in whole communities, called the "anthill." Each member of the ant community performs a certain a task that is needed for the development and functioning of the entire colony. An ant is ready to sacrifice itself for the survival of the “family.”

In the ant world there is a kind of “judicial system.” For example, if a healthy ant, whose task is to search and bring to house food, does not cope with this work and after the "hunt" several times came with nothing, then he may be punished or even killed. But if the ant has lost his ability to work after the battle or for any other reason, then on the contrary, they will feed and support him until death.

Another very unusual fact about ants "; they never eat outside of the nest. Any food found by the ant is brought to the queen, who then distributes the prey herself.

On coloring pages for children, ants are depicted as hard workers who are always busy.

< strong> Coloring ants for children can be any color: red, yellow. It doesn't have to be black or brown.