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55 coloring pages
Coloring pages minecraftDownload and print 55 coloring pages minecraft free in A4 format in high quality.

All your favorite characters of the popular game are now on our website. The collection of Minecraft coloring pictures for boys and girls is constantly updated. Who is your favorite Minecraft hero?

Print Minecraft coloring pages for boys and girls

The legendary Minecraft sandbox has captured millions of gamers' hearts around the world. This indie PC game was created in a linear genre with elements of a simulator.

There are 4 types of game modes: Creative, Survival, Hardcore and Adventure.

The gamer will love the size and variety the surrounding world. Such open spaces are pleasant to explore. The imagination and Minecraft maps, which are built using a random number generator, are amazing. Maps vary in size: from very small to very large, which makes the game unpredictable.

The main feature of the game "; the world consists of cubic, pixel blocks. Optionally, the cube can be destroyed and take materials to build your item. There are no restrictions, a sheer riot of imagination and work with imagination.

Among the main characters are: Steve, Hirobrin, zombies, Nubik, Creeper, various animals, wolves, pigs, ghast, witch, ifrit and many others .

All these characters are found on minecraft coloring pages , which can be printed in full A4 sheet in good resolution, without loss of quality.The pictures are suitable for both girls and boys.

For the convenience of users, we have made color samples of characters.

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