Coloring pages for children

Printable A4 coloring pages for children 3-4 years old Раскраски for children 3-4 years old

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Coloring pages for children 3-4 years old

In this section there are high-quality educational coloring pages for toddlers and children 3-4 years old. Universal pictures are suitable for both girls and boys. Print several pictures you like at once.

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Print coloring pages for kids 3-4 years old

3-4 years "; this is the age when children are already interested in paints, felt-tip pens and pencils. Coloring"; this is a great way to entertain your child, develop his fine motor skills, and calm him down. The main thing to remember is that coloring pages for babies in 3-4 years old "; these are only large pictures with a thick outline. No small details that a child simply cannot paint due to their age.

The coloring picture should be printed in the entire A4 sheet, because it is easier to cope with a large picture, because children have a rather large stroke scope.

Go beyond the coloring "; absolutely normal. The child only forms the habit and the correct positioning of the hand and the subject of drawing in it.

You can choose which coloring picture to print: animals, fruits, cars, seasons, etc.