Coloring pages for children

Find the correct shadow for kids coloring pages Раскраски find the right shadow

10 coloring pages
Coloring pages find the right shadow

These are educational coloring pages for children of kindergarten age: 3, 4 years old, preschoolers: 5, 6 years old and schoolchildren: 7, 8, 9-12 years old. Here you will find pictures for both girls and boys

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Coloring pictures for kids find the correct shadow

In this category, we have collected very interesting free educational games that are suitable for both kindergarten and home. All pictures are printed on the whole A4 sheet in good quality.

There are several variations of this didactic game for children.

  1. Coloring pages find the correct shadow of one picture. There is an original coloring picture with an image of an animal, a game or cartoon character, a plant or an abstract object. And there are several options for the shadow of this figure. Of the shadows presented, only one is correct, the rest have differences: a piece of the picture is turned in the other direction, an irregular shape, etc.
  2. There are several coloring pictures and one shadow of these figures. The child's task "; find the correct shadow for each shape, match the picture and the shadow, connect the correct answers with lines. This option is suitable for the youngest children 2, 3, 4 years old.

These coloring pages develop children attentiveness, visual perception, thinking, the ability to find differences and similarities.

For schoolchildren, this game is more entertainment in nature, but such pictures also help develop observation.