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You will definitely find a picture that will suit your child. Educational coloring pages for any age: kindergarten 3, 4 years old, preschoolers 5, 6 years old, schoolchildren 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 years old

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Print Coloring Pages Spot The Difference

spot the difference coloring pages are suitable for developing attention, improving analysis skills and just for fun. The most popular and on everyone's lips "; this is the picture" find 10 differences ", but there are fewer"; 5, 6, 9 differences.

For the smallest seekers, there are simple pictures with simple differences. Simple drawings with a thick outline are suitable for younger and middle-aged children.

For older children and preschoolers, there are more difficult tasks. There are more small details in the pictures and you need to look for them more carefully. To complicate the problem, some coloring in the mirror image. In such a game, the brain works better, a deeper analysis is carried out.

There are separate coloring pages for girls and boys, and there are pictures that fit both.

Before print the coloring, try to find the differences yourself. How quickly could you find them?

All pictures are printed on the whole A4 sheet in good quality. You are not ashamed to take such coloring pages to kindergarten or school.

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