Coloring pages for children

Coloring by line for kids Раскраски along the lines

10 coloring pages
Coloring pages along the lines

This section helps to train fine motor skills and understand how a line is drawn. The child can first trace a line and then color the picture.

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Print Educational Coloring Pages for Kids

Here we have collected a variety of exercises for kids 2, 3 years old, children older than 4 years old, 5 years old, preschoolers 6 years old and even first graders 7 years old. Tasks with developing coloring pages and contour lines: trace the outline, draw a line, draw a line, etc. help in the development and improvement of attention, fine motor skills, graphic skills.

Tasks with drawing lines around the office are suitable for both girls and boys.

Before starting each exercise, the child needs to demonstrate how the task is performed correctly. An adult needs to explain what is required of a child.

In no case should a child be scolded, even if it turns out crooked at first. Any lesson requires repetition and mastery. You can print educational coloring pages with contour lines in several copies at once in order to give your child the same task at a certain frequency. Through repetition, your drawing skill will grow.

Perseverance, time and regular training will lead to success in mastering the line drawing technique.