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Coloring pages winx fairiesDownload and print 33 coloring pages winx fairies free in A4 format in high quality.

Beautiful, strong, young Winx fairies with magical skills. We have coloring pages with each heroine: Flora, Bloom, Tecna, Stella, Muse, Leila, Roxy. Who do you like the most?

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We have collected a large number of coloring pages with the main characters of the popular animated series Winx Club; School of Fairies. "Each of the fairies has its own character and has special magic skills.

Fairy Bloom"; the leader of the Winx club, the Dragon Fire fairy and the princess of the planet Domino. She is kind, loyal, but very impulsive. She has many abilities and unlimited potential of forces: telekinesis, animating matter, rebirth and awakening from hypnosis.

Stella is a fairy of the Sun, Moon and Stars, princess of Solaria. A real fashionista and beauty, she embodies the stereotype of a "stupid blonde", but at the same time knows how to empathize with friends

Flora "; quiet, modest, shy, loves nature and plants, has flower magic.

Muse "; a real music lover, her spells are associated with music and sound waves.

Leila "; active, loves sports and gives all of herself to it. Sometimes worries about trifles. Knows how to manage liquids and morfix.

Tekna can deal with any electronics, using spells creates laser beams, electrical attacks and lightning.

Roxy "; the animal fairy, the last earth fairy. She is shy, reserved, but at the same time decisive. She has power over animals, knows how to talk to them telepathically, can calm them down if they are worried or in pain.

See how they are all different, but at the same time beautiful and adorable. Print your favorite Winx fairy coloring page on the whole A4 sheet) All pictures are in good quality.

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