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Coloring pages puppy patrol

The most favorite children's cartoon is now in the form of coloring pages. Free pictures of Paw Patrol and Mega Puppies. Kids will love these cute illustrations.

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Paw Patrol coloring pages for kids on A4 print

If your child is a fan of the animated series Paw Patrol and Mega Puppies, then he will definitely like coloring pages with characters. Pictures are suitable for children from 3 years old.

A multi-part cartoon about rescue puppies and their leader "; smart 10-year-old boy Ryder living in Adventure Bay. A friendly team that helps people and animals get out of the most difficult Every time they have interesting and instructive stories with a happy ending.

The team and the main characters of the Paw Patrol in the form of coloring pages: Racer, Marshal, Skye, Strong, Rocky, Zuma, Everest.

Which of the main characters does your child like best?

Racer "; police german shepherd puppy. He is cheerful and playful, but he takes tasks with full responsibility.

Marshal "; a Dalmatian firefighter puppy with a water cannon in his backpack. The puppy itself is quite awkward and occasional stories happen to him all the time. But he is not discouraged and always tries to be in a good mood.

Sky "; air rescuer, puppy of a mixed breed poodle and cocker spaniel, fearless, brave girl.

Strong guy "; builder, English Bulldog puppy with a helmet on his head and in a yellow vest, who rides a snowboard.

Rocky "; repairman, mongrel puppy in green overalls. She loves to invent something.

Zuma "; water rescuer, labrador puppy. The boy perfectly swims and knows how to scuba dive.

Everest"; lifeguard in the mountains, husky puppy. Cheerful and sociable girl.