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Everyone who loves Pokemon will definitely find their hero. A huge number of coloring pages with different characters that are suitable for both girls and boys. Who is your favorite?

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Free coloring pages pokemon to print

Pokemon cartoons, movies and games are popular not only among children, but even among adults. Pokémon "; these are creatures that have a certain magical power.

The peculiarity of the battle among Pokémon"; it is that nobody dies. Also, Pokemon can evolve.

Each Pokemon has its own type of element, sometimes several at once. There are 18 types in total: Normal, Fire, Water, Herbal, Electric, Earthy, Stone, Ice, Poisonous, Insect, Flying, Boes, Psychic, Ghost, Dragon, Steel, Dark.

We have created a coloring section with the most famous and legendary Pokémon. Any color you like can be printed for free in the whole A4 sheet.

In addition to Pikachu, there are several more popular characters: Evie, Bulbasaur, Fennekin, Mewtwo and others.

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