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Coloring pages my little pony

Favorite characters of the animated series may little pony are now on coloring pages for children and girls on A4. Who is your favorite character: Rainbow, Twilight Sparkle, Apple Jack or maybe Fluttershy?

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Printable coloring pages my little pony

We just had to create a section with my little pony coloring pages (my little pony) and put it in the cartoons". After all, the animated series "My little pony: friendship"; this is a miracle "really captivated young viewers, especially girls.

" My little pony: friendship "; this is a miracle ""; a country where mythical, magical creatures live: ponies, griffins, dragons, etc., who constantly find themselves in different situations. Heroes live in a country called Equestria. Ponies have different magical capabilities. Someone knows how to conjure, someone has a wonderful horn, others have wings and can fly and walk on the clouds.

The main characters, they are little ponies "; six friendly young ponies, each one truly amazing and unique. All ponies have their own identification mark "; a pattern on the rump, which is obtained in the process of growing up. These icons are very important for ponies. On coloring pages my little ponies have tails.

The site contains pictures of heroes, both individually and all together. You can print coloring pages of my little pony on A4 for free in unlimited quantities. Choose your hero.

Coloring pony Twilight Sparkle - the main character, who studies hard, is kind, loves order and planning. The insignia of Sparkle with a star, as she is a very strong magician.

Rarity pony coloring "; a fashionista who is truly generous and loves stylish clothes. Insignia "; crystal.

Coloring pony Rainbow Dash"; speed, athletic, self-confident and quick, personifies loyalty. Insignia "; cloud and rainbow.

Fluttershy pony coloring"; timid, shy, personifies universal kindness and lightness. Insignia "; butterflies.

Coloring pony Pinkie Pie"; cheerful, optimistic, positive, loves parties. Insignia "; balloons.

Apple Jack pony coloring"; reliable, loyal, hardworking, who loves to grow apples. Insignia "; apples.