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Coloring pages luntik

the really cute main character of the cartoon Luntik is liked not only by children, but also by their parents. The kindness of the character is also noticeable on the coloring pages, which I want to print out as soon as possible, and add bright colors.

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Print pictures-coloring Luntik and his friends for free on A4

Section with free coloring books for kids from the animated series "Luntik and his friends" has an entertaining and instructive character, because thanks to black-and-white pictures, a child can use colored pencils and their imagination to be transported to the world of adventures and new discoveries.

the main character Luntik is an unusual fluffy purple animal that fell to Earth directly from the moon. He is still quite a child and does not understand what is good and what is bad, but together with friends and foster parents, he learns all the earthly wisdom and goodness.

Luntik has many friends who help Him explore the new world. He likes to spend time with Kuzya the grasshopper, Mila the ladybug, and little Bee. They are assisted by grandpa cher and grandma Capa.

After watching the series, printed on A4 coloring pages with Luntik and his friends continue to bring up kindness and understanding in the child. After all, he