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Coloring page kitten named Woof printable for kids Раскраски kitten named woof

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Coloring pages kitten named woof

The site contains the cutest and funniest episodes from a wonderful cartoon. On the coloring pages there is one kitten and one with a puppy. Woof and Sharik "; a good example of true friendship.

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Kitten named Woof coloring book print for kids

Children love fairy tales and a cartoon about a kitten named Woof for his kind and funny characters: a little kitten named Woof and his friend a puppy Sharik. Each episode of the animated series "; these are witty, touching and informative stories from the life of a puppy, kitten and adult cat.

Woof"; This is a kind and naive kitten who looks at the world with big blue eyes, believes everyone and is constantly looking for adventure. When a kitten is faced with injustice or even rudeness, he is not offended, but just a little sad. But, with a sigh, with a full breast he again tries to find kindness and harmony in this complex world.

Ball "; a puppy who for a long time could not remember his name. And only when he saw children on the playground who were playing ball, remembered his name.

Coloring pages with a Woof kitten with a thick outline are suitable for children from 3 years old. For coloring pictures with a kitten, a red or brown color is suitable. And the puppy can be colored light -beige, plus a black spot on the head.