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Printable coloring pages Fairy Patrol Раскраски fairy patrol

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Coloring pages fairy patrol

Favorite characters together or separately: Varya, Snezhka, Alenka and Masha. Best friends are now on coloring pages. Who is your favorite character?

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Printable coloring pages of Fantasy Patrol

The animated series tells about four schoolgirl friends: Varya, Snezhka, Alenka and Masha. Who only seem to be ordinary girls, but in fact they have magical powers. Their main task is "; to protect the fairytale characters. The fairytale patrol must maintain a balance between the world of magic and the world of people.

A few words about the main characters.

Varya"; a true team leader. Brave, a generator of ideas, not always responsible. The magic element "; air. She can also teleport herself and her friends.

Masha"; smart, resourceful, inventive, versed in technology. Her element "; earth. Owns one of the keys to the Land of fairy tales.

Snowball"; granddaughter of Santa Claus, the calmest member of the team, kind, romantic, creative nature. Her element "; water. It can freeze and freeze objects.

Alenka"; cheerful, mischievous, impressionable, with an explosive character, has the least experience, as recently in a team. Magic element "; fire.

You can print the coloring of each heroine in full A4 sheet. All pictures are in good quality, printed without loss of quality.

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