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Ducks, ducklings and ducks coloring pages for kids to print Раскраски ducks, ducklings

12 coloring pages
Coloring pages ducks, ducklings

Very cute, kind and beautiful coloring pages of duck and ducklings for children are collected in our constantly growing collection. Have you already printed your favorite duck?

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Duck and ducklings coloring pages for kids 3, 4 years old to print for free

Children get acquainted with ducklings in early childhood. With yellow rubber ducks, the kids bathe in the bath, learn the letter U from pictures from books, and now you can also color the ducks.

Coloring pages duck, ducklings, duck for children 3, 4 years old "; these are funny black and white pictures with a clear outline. There are different ducks on coloring pages for kids: cute, funny, serious, like real ones.

This section also contains pictures from cartoons and fairy tales: the coloring is gray neck, ugly duck coloring, brave duck coloring, duck and ducklings coloring .

Look at all the coloring pages and print the picture you like in just one click.

When the baby sits down to paint a duck, you can tell him some interesting facts:

- only a female can quack, but a drake "; cannot

- little ducklings take for a mother anyone they see first

- the paws of the ducks are unable to feel the cold, because they have no blood vessels or nerve endings.