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Coloring pages tigers

A beautiful and constantly growing collection of coloring pages of tigers and cubs. All pictures are drawn by professional artists. Both kids and adults will love coloring pages with cute tigers.

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Printable coloring pages tigers for kids

In the category "wild animals" there must be coloring "tigers and cubs" . After all, tigers are not only beautiful, but also very powerful and strong animals. And little tiger cubs "; these are super-cute, fluffy kittens that cause a jump of affection for both children and adults.

Coloring with our website is not only fun, but also very educational. you can read the most interesting facts about tigers.

- Let's start with the color of tigers. There are golden, white, red, even black tigers in nature. Therefore, a child can paint a tiger not only with an orange pencil

- Tiger stripes are unique, like human fingerprints. And even if you shave the tiger, the stripes will not go anywhere, as they are present on the skin too.

- Vision a tiger is 6 times better than a human. In the dark, he can see what people will not notice, no matter how hard they try.

- Tigers "; The largest of the feline family, they can reach 3 meters in length and weigh about 300 kg.

- The tiger can reach speeds of up to 60 km / h. Yes, it is quite difficult for prey to escape from such a predator.

Check out what amazing, funny tiger coloring pages for kids on our website. Even the most whimsical user will find the coloring that will leave him crazy.