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Coloring pages monkeysDownload and print 11 coloring pages monkeys free in A4 format in high quality.

A collection of coloring pages with cute and funny monkeys that every child will love. Come in, print out the coloring pages in good quality.

Printable monkey coloring pages for kids

All children's coloring pages on our website are drawn by professional artists who, through a picture, try to convey to children the features of the animal and its behavior.

Fidget children, like little monkeys, jump, jump, have fun, and hooliganism. That is why little ones will love monkey coloring pages - they are funny. From our website you can print the monkey coloring in just one click.

To color the monkey , you can use just a few pencils: brown - for the monkey itself, yellow - for a banana, and green "; for leaves on a branch.

And if you tell your child a few interesting facts about monkeys, the process of coloring will be even more interesting.

- There are large and very small monkeys. For example, gorillas can be under 2 meters tall, and dwarf marmosets "; only 10-15 centimeters, not counting the tail.

- Monkeys, unlike other animals, can see and understand their reflection in the mirror.

- Monkeys can think, reflect, they have intelligence. For example, they can use a stick to measure the height of the water level in a reservoir.

- In fact, not all monkeys love bananas.

- Monkeys can be trained. And not only circus tricks, but also understanding objects, juxtaposing shapes and patterns.