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Free printable lions and lion cubs coloring pages for kids Раскраски lions

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Coloring pages lions

A beautiful collection of coloring pages with pictures of lions and little lion cubs your child will love. All pictures of lions on A4 sheet are printed without loss of quality.

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Coloring pages for kids lion cubs and lions to print and download free in A4 format

Children know that the king of beasts "; lion, but the prince of beasts"; little lion cub. On our site there are coloring pictures of adult lions and young lion cubs. Coloring such pictures is quite simple, but at the same time interesting. Why simple? Because you can paint a lion and a lion cub with the same color. Where is the interest then? The interest lies in the fact that if you add the right shadows and shades, then the picture will turn out more voluminous. And already the lions will look like real ones.

In addition, when coloring, you can draw the animal's fur. Add small strokes of hair and you get a real mane.

In addition, to make the process of coloring children's coloring even more interesting, you can tell your child some interesting facts about lions.

  1. There are no two identical lions in nature. The muzzle of a predator is unique and inherent in only one animal, just like human fingerprints.
  2. A lion's mane appears at about two years old.
  3. Lion's vision is 7 times better human, so they can safely hunt at night.
  4. The heart of a lion is almost half of its body weight.

In addition to wild lion coloring , we have there are lion king coloring pages . These are coloring pages of a little lion cub Simba , an adult lion and his father Mufasa.