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Coloring pages giraffe

The collection of giraffe coloring pages is constantly updated with new author's pictures. We have a collection of cute, beautiful giraffes that are a pleasure to paint. A thick outline was made for the smallest children.

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Print and download giraffe coloring pages for kids

Our artists draw universal giraffe coloring pages , which are suitable for young children: 3, 4 years old, preschool children: 5, 6 years old, for schoolchildren: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 , 12 years old. Giraffe coloring pages for kids are suitable for both girls and boys.

Pictures of giraffes are shown to children from the very first days. Every child knows what he looks like. This is one of the most beloved animals, so artists paint giraffe coloring with great pleasure, putting all the warmth in their work.

The giraffe is a very elegant animal until it bends down to drink. Immediately, all grace disappears.

When coloring pictures of giraffes it is difficult to imagine that the growth of this miracle can reach up to 6 meters. The weight of a wild animal can be almost a ton, and the length of the tongue is about 50 cm. The giraffe has a strong and large heart, weighing 12 kg.

A cub of a giraffe is born under 2 meters in height, but despite its height, the first he does not leave his mother for a week.

Coloring pages for children show that giraffes eat exclusively plant foods. Their main diet "; these are tree leaves and shrubs. Any delicacy"; acacia.

You can color the children's coloring with yellow, gray, brown colors. Or you can mix them to make the pictures more realistic.