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Coloring pages foxes

A unique collection of fox and fox coloring pages is constantly updated. Cute animals with fluffy tails will appeal to children from 3 years old. Check out all fox coloring pages

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Printable coloring pages fox and fox for kids

Fox "; one of the most popular characters in children's fairy tales and coloring pages. And for good reason. After all, foxes are cunning, dexterous, smart and with excellent hearing. They make interesting protagonists of books. Fox coloring pages for children suitable for different ages: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 years old.

Note that in all cartoons and fairy tales the fox is shown as a lonely animal that does not live in flocks. And this is absolutely true Thanks to their unique vision, foxes can orientate themselves perfectly in the dark and hunt at night without problems.

Often artists depict foxes in coloring pages together with children. And for good reason. Foxes "; wonderful parents. The males get food while the female is raising the cubs. Cubs live with their parents up to seven months of age. All this time the mother protects, teaches the kids.

What color can be used to paint the fox ? Red, orange "; these are standard colors, but you can use gray, brown, even yellow.

In addition to adult foxes, there are many pictures of foxes. Fox coloring pages for kids are cute pussies, which you want not only to paint, but also to stroke, cuddle.