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Coloring pages deerDownload and print 6 coloring pages deer free in A4 format in high quality.

A collection of coloring pages with very cute deer. You will definitely find the coloring that your child will like. All deer coloring pages are printed without loss of quality on A4.

Reindeer coloring pages for kids

What a collection of coloring pages wild animals no deer ? Deer "; these are not just beautiful, horned creatures, but also very graceful, intelligent.

In every coloring for children with pictures of deer the artist puts a piece of himself. It is through black and white he tries to convey all the charm of deer to pictures, to show their habits. To study the world around us through coloring "; it's educational and fun.

This page is a collection of the best coloring pages for kids deer , which can be printed in just one click. And to make the coloring process as useful as possible, we have written some interesting facts about amazing deer.

- There are more than 50 species of deer in the world, which differ not only in their habitat, but also in external characteristics. For example, weight. The smallest "water" deer weigh only 10-15 kg, while the "red" deer can weigh almost 300 kg.

- Deer shed their antlers every year. Then they grow new ones. And water deer have no horns at all. But on our coloring pages almost all deer have antlers.

- Young deer have horns covered with skin and hair. As it grows, the skin dries up and flakes off. That is why young deer with growing antlers rub against trees.

- Little deer stand up immediately after birth. We have a cute little deer coloring book .

- Deer are not only graceful creatures, but also very fast. They can reach speeds of up to 50 km / h.

Some tribes and northern peoples breed deer, for them they are real pets that they love and cherish.

Our collection of coloring pages with deer is constantly is updated, stay tuned.