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Coloring pages cats, cats and kittens to print Раскраски cats, kittens

136 coloring pages
Coloring pages cats, kittensDownload and print 136 coloring pages cats, kittens free in A4 format in high quality.

Pictures of cute animals are suitable for children 3, 4 years old, 5 years old. Coloring a full-page pet is a pleasure. Children and adults are delighted with the coloring of kittens.

Printable coloring pages cats, cats, kittens

Our collection contains various pictures of cute, fluffy animals that both children and adults love so much.

The collection of pictures for children includes pets, street cats, cats, hooligans, heroes from fairy tales and cartoons, unicorn cats, cats with kittens and many others. All coloring pages are drawn by professional artists.

There are kittens and cats coloring pages very simple and with a thick outline, they are great for children aged 3 years. And there are coloring pages for older children: 4 years, 5, 6 years - more small details. Print out on the whole A4 sheet any illustration you like, all pictures are free.

Can adults color cats with children?

Of course they can. Everyone will get their own unique pattern. After all, pussies have different colors of wool: striped, gray, red, smoky. Don't be afraid to use colored pencils as well. Who said that you can't paint a kitten lilac or green? There are no prohibitions.

Coloring pages with cute kittens are also educational function. The pictures show different tailed beasts: singing, playing ball, sleeping. It can be easily explained to the child that cats, like people, sleep at night. That animals love to frolic, play ball, that they need attention and care. That an animal is a man's friend, not a toy.